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Swiss lite

Versatile solar light for adventurous hikers

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Hiking Enthusiasts who enjoy long multiple-day hikes where the amount of equipment is limited by what they can carry in their packs. These hikers are seeking a reliable, durable light that can fulfil a variety of functions to be an appealing addition to their gear. The design is to fit within a 100mm long x 80mm wide x 60mm high bounding box so the light takes up minimal volume in the users' packs. 

solar ideation.png


Product development began with a large pool of ideation sketches which were whittled down to a few for rapid blue foam prototypes. These blue foam prototypes were useful to further understand the three-dimensional form of each concept, looking closely at how each concept hangs and light would be directed by each.


Ultimately the chosen concept was selected for its functionality in being clipped appropriately for charging while hiking, hanging for lighting up a tent and the canister component. To demonstrate the product a simple canister was used as its secondary function however this has the potential to be a variety of tools such as flint or a bandage roll.  

Final design

The final prototype was printed in SLS parts which were then spray painted and an acrylic lens was laser cut. the final prototype illustrated a few areas of improvement such as the carabiner loop and the switch. 

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