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An enhanced playspace centrepiece for the Play9 range.



Play9 is seeking a concept for a piece of play equipment using readily available technology to create a playful and enjoyable experience inside of public spaces for brief parental respite. Play9 values technologies ability to enhance and adapt physical objects play, tailoring games and themes to each product's location and revitalising spaces. 


The physical object must be instrumental in sparking play opportunities with an emphasis on children playing together and the products cleanability due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The styles of games need to be considered for Play9's range of clients and their contexts as children may need to be entertained for the duration of a meal in a restaurant or for 10 minutes while their parents are making a purchase. Importantly parent's need to be able to get their children to leave the playspace without trouble to ensure they're on time for time-sensitive appointments. 



Once spinning a visual countdown is initiated in the light-up floor, once 30 seconds of spinning has passed take-off sound effects play with the lights changing colours sporadically.


Music tempo/volume changes with the speed of the round-a-about spinning, this can be done along with the light base cycling through colours for a visual element or only the lights where the noise of concern.

Touch couldn’t be completely eliminated the main touchpoints are easily wiped down with sanitisers.

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