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Blue Jay

An everyday carry tool optimised for 3D printing


To create a compact everyday carry tool that can be easily 3D printed and assembled without additional hardware


The developement of this tool came from numerous 3d printed prototypes to refine the overall form, effectiveness of the hook component in grasping a lever style door handle and ease of opening. 

Initally prototypes used a 'print-in-place' hinge mechanism to remove any assembly processes however this didn't work well in creating a smooth operating tool. this prompted a switch to using a 3 piece design which took advantage of press fit features to permentally bond the pieces together. this results in a surprisingly strong bond and a a perfect axel for the hook to pivot around. 

Final Model

The final model is ideal for printing in PETG filament which balances the easy printability of PLA filament with the durability of ABS filaments. The resulting model is suitable for use with one hand and cleaning with majority of household sanitising and cleaning agents.

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