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A branding and packaging exercise of a fictional sub-brand of POLAROID



POLAROID is the brand when it comes to instant photography, pioneering the instant camera in 1943. In recent years they’ve enjoyed a revival of their brand with today’s consumer beginning to turn from the digital world in favour of tangible objects. Polaroid’s innovative heritage is still present in their products today, with products beginning to include digital components. Polaroid embodies the adventurous, assured and stylish values in their consumers' lifestyles when they purchase their products.

POLAROID is planning to diversify its products in the electronics industry, focusing on reviving older technologies. Polaroid is wanting to retain its brand identity in its new product range, considering the environment and aiming to deliver nostalgic memories to its consumers.


Cardboard prototypes became an important part of the development process in creating a piece of kinetic packaging, my goal for this packaging was to create a classic polaroid moment in the unboxing process. First prototypes were created as a proof of concept for the mechanism needed and a series of prototypes were made to develop a pattern that could be die-cut from cardboard. 

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